Halloween Safety Tips for You & Your Cat

Halloween Safety Tips  |  The Kurious Kat

Halloween can be a great holiday for people to have fun with costumes, decorations and of course, candy, and while it may be tempting to find that perfect costume for your cat, too, remember that cats may not be as excited about this holiday as you. 


Cats are very sensitive little creatures and all the strange decorations, costumes, masks and noises may have your cat on edge and feeling quite anxious. So while you’re out there having fun in costumes and scary sights, please don’t forget about your sensitive feline friend(s) and what you can do to keep them safe and minimize their stress during Halloween! 

Here are some tips and suggestions on what you can do to keep your cat safe for the holiday!

Halloween Safety Tips

Cats & Candy.  This is a bad combination no matter what so be sure to keep candy out of reach of all pets.  Candy can be toxic, even deadly for our pets. Chocolate should be considered a poison and toxic when it comes to animals so keep all candies in a cat and pet proof location where your cats cannot get to. If your cat does get into some Halloween candy, please be sure and call your vet immediately!  There’s also the candy wrapper as well as the plastic stick with lollipops, that your cat might see as something fantastic to play with, chew and potentially swallow, and this can be an emergency vet visit, too, with the potential for digestive obstruction which, if not treated quickly, can be fatal. Keep your cat safe and be mindful of keeping all potential Halloween hazards up and out of kitties reach!

Halloween & Cats.  Sadly, cats can be at risk during Halloween, and especially black cats, because of the mythological association made long ago between witches and cats.  While many people have twisted the witch/cat perception to make it evil or scary, the real witches of our past were not evil at all, but simply those that used the Earth and it’s gifts to help others. Unfortunately, though, there are some pretty sick people out there that have a very warped sense of being. These people may collect cats, especially black cats, to torture them and sometimes even kill them.  Not only is your cat at risk of being picked up by someone other than yourself, but costume cladded people and children running about and making loud noises might scare your cat or panic him, causing something bad to happen to your cat. The best thing to do to keep your cat safe during the Halloween month, or at the very least the days leading up to and after Halloween, would be to keep your furry feline inside during this time, just to be safe!

If your cat is an indoor-outdoor cat, try to start keeping your cat inside more leading up to Halloween.  You may have to hear some excessive talking or yowling by your cat, but at least your cat will be indoors and safe during this potentially dangerous holiday.

Costumes & Cats.  While it may be tempting to get your cat or kitten a costume for Halloween, it might not be a great idea to do this.  It’s highly unlikely that your cat will enjoy being in a costume, as cute as they may look. The costume itself may even harm them if they get tangled in it or it tightens around your cats neck or other extremities.  Some cats that are used to wearing sweaters or harnesses may have more of a tolerance to a costume, but with costumes they can have more pieces that might get caught up with your cat and cause problems.  If you must dress up your cat, be sure to there are no accessories that may come off or that your cat could possibly chew off and choke on. Be sure that the costume doesn’t restrict your cat’s movement in any way or block your cats vision, and be sure that the costume isn’t too tight to where it could make it hard for him to breath.  Keep the costume simple, get the right size and never leave your cat unattended while he’s wearing the costume!

Jack o’ Lantern & Cats.  This Halloween tradition is fun for all ages!  From picking out the pumpkin to designing the face to be carved into it.  Oh, and let’s not forget the roasted pumpkin seeds that come along with carving that pumpkin!  The big thing to be very careful with when it comes to jack o’ lanterns and cats is if you use real candles to light them up. While there are much safer ways to light up your pumpkin now days, some might still want to use the real candle.  There are many of them on the market, including ones that flicker just like a candle would, have timers and shut offs.  Even if your cat is inside and the jack o’ lantern is outside, think of other cats that might be outside who’s curiosity may get the better of them, causing them to get hurt by investigating your jack o’ lantern with a lit candle. For safety’s sake with regards to your cat, kids, other pets, and home, the better way to light up a jack o’ lantern these days is with electric candles, so please consider this option in place of a real lit candle.

Halloween Strangers, Trick-or-Treaters & Your Cat.  The doorbell ringing much more than usual, voices yelling trick-or-treat, kids laughing and giggling, these are all strange sounds for your cat, not to mention the sights of strangers with masks and outlandish clothing at the front door.  These sights and sounds can be frightening for your cat, causing stress and anxiety in an otherwise calm and laid-back cat, and can be downright terrifying to a cat that already has some anxiety issues.  For cats that are already prone to anxiety, this kind of noise and activity can cause real health concerns, so it’s probably best to keep your anxiety prone cat secured in a quiet, comfortable place during the festivities so as not to cause any additional and unnecessary stress. In fact, even your laid back cat might appreciate a quiet place to relax during any Halloween activities!

Cat Safety First!  The best treat you can give your cat for Halloween this year is safety, and it’s not a bad idea to have some of their favorite treats around, too, just in case kitty gets out and you need to lure her back inside. If possible, keep her in a safe, comfortable, secure room for Halloween and it’s always best to keep your cat in at night, no matter what the date might be. 

Happy Halloween

Halloween Safety Tips  |  The Kurious Kat