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Kit Kat's Rescue Tale  |  The Kurious Kat

Rescue Tails

Kit Kat's Rescue Tail

I had lost my very first cat, Iggy, of 15 years to cancer and wasn't going to get another for a while... but then I knew I had to!  I hadn't been without a cat in so long that it just felt so lonely.  I went to Foothills Animal Shelter to see what cats they had available.  Kit kat caught my eye and grabbed my heart!  She was so tiny when I got her at only 12 weeks old!  The tiniest sweetest little thing!  Kit Kat's adoption story doesn't have a lot of drama and excitement in it, other than my excitement of bringing her home in 2003 to spend her first Christmas in her forever home!  That was 17 years ago and still going strong!  She's a little grumpier now, but she's old so she's allowed. 

Kit Kat is a cute little Tabby, weighing in at 10lbs and she has the biggest round eyes that always make you feel bad when you don't give her pets or treats.  She's a pretty easy going cat and she'll come up to you while you're sitting on the couch, sit next to you, look at you with those big green eyes and then reach out softly with her paw and touch you, letting you know she needs some petting!  Kit Kat has her roommate Chatty and they get along pretty well. Thank You to Foothills Animal Shelter for having Kit Kat for me to adopt after loosing my baby of 15 years! 

My Iggy will never be forgotten, but Kit Kat helped me through her loss and has always been here for me! 

T.L. from Golden, Colorado


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