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Beverly Morgan

We'd like to welcome Cat and Animal Behavior Specialist, Beverly Morgan, who has graciously accepted our invitation to assist us with Cat Behavior advice.  We are absolutely thrilled to have her featured on The Kurious Kat!

Photo of Beverly Morgan, cat and animal behaviorist by Danelle Kamauoha

Photo of Beverly Morgan by Danelle Kamauoha

Beverly Morgan is an International Animal Solutions Specialist that uses a unique animal communications-based system to teach her clients how to better understand animal so that they can modify any inappropriate behavior and improve their relationships with their furry friends. Beverly is available for private in-home consults, or virtual problem behavior consults anywhere in the world (English speaking only), and has had much success in solving those ‘impossible’ cases without the use of force, fear, pain or gadgets. Her experience ranges from formal education in the UK and USA, to personal International field work studying domestic and wild animals.

About Beverly

Beverly's experience has given her the opportunity to work with different types of animals.  She has had the opportunity to help many cats and their owners over the years, and enjoys every bit of it!  Her favorite part of working with cats and their people is being able to open the eyes of her clients to the communication possibilities that exist between cats and their humans. Many people think that cats are independent, solitary beings that keep to themselves and don’t really have feelings, but this is the farthest thing from the truth and Beverly truly enjoys helping her clients discover this.


The system used by Beverly is based on the very same one that animals use with each other and has therefore been extremely successful in Beverly’s work with her clients and their pets. She uses what she calls ‘Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ which she created and founded using her lifetime personal international field work studying both domestic and wild animals. Beverly has had formal education based out the United Kingdom as well as America and has not only been trained in animal communication but also has a natural gift for being able to communicate with animals.

Beverly is able to read animal nervous systems and enjoys being able to match people with pets, as well as animals with other animals using her gift that both Veterinarians and Animal Chiropractors she has worked with have endorsed.  Her abilities in animal communication and behavior have also allowed her the experience of working with Police K9 units and Assistance Animals, which she has thoroughly enjoyed.  She is a former veterinary assistant and a professional in the pet nutrition field, and offers classes, lectures and/or webinars on specific animals in her area of expertise.

She participated in a TV documentary about 4 month journey she took across America to study the American animal shelter crisis in order to determine how she could help rescued animals succeed after adoption and has been featured in a number of magazines as well as the news. If you’re looking to have the very best life possible with and for your cat Beverly can help you make that happen, and you’re cat will love you for it!

Beverly will begin doing write ups on different subjects and topics she thinks are important for those who are fortunate enough to have a cat in their lives. Her informative pieces will be posted every two weeks here on The Kurious Kat, with the first segment of a three-part series being posted this month on October 23rd, 2020. We will also be working with her to put together a blog along with podcasts to accompany her write ups in the near future so we look forward to bringing you more information and help from Behavior Specialist Beverly Morgan!

Photo of Beverly Morgan, cat and animal behaviorist by Danelle Kamauoha

Photo of Beverly Morgan by Danelle Kamauoha

Beverly Morgan Logo

If you're in need of some advice, or would like to contact Beverly for assistance, she can be reached via email at


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