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Cat Behavior

Cat behavior can be confusing and bewildering at times, but those furry little felines do communicate with us, we just need to understand their language and learn how to speak cat!  Cats communicate differently than dogs, so it may take a little extra work to catch on, but with a little patience and some know how, you, too, can learn how to understand what your cat is trying to tell you!  

Beverly Morgan

Cat & Animal Behavior Specialist, Beverly Morgan

We're so excited to have with us, Beverly Morgan, International Animal Solutions Specialist and creator of the Mother Nature’s Blueprint™ method. What Beverly teaches and helps her clients understand is based on the very same system animals use to communicate and interact with each other.  She is an outstanding and valuable resource for those looking to correct unwanted cat behavior and improve their relationship with their cat. Her first write up, a multi-part series on litter box avoidance issues is a Must read!  *Photo of Beverly Morgan by Danelle Kamauoha

5 Strange Cat Behaviors, Explained

Cats sure can be mysterious, and some of their behaviors are downright confusing to us at times!  From kneading their paws on something to a cat butt in your face, our furry friends don’t seem to make any sense at all from a human perspective, but from the mind of a cat, everything they do has a purpose, according to experts. Let's take a look at 5 crazy cat behaviors and what experts say about it...

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Cat Behavior is something we all wish we knew more about so we thought it best to go over some of the common ways cats behave and try to communicate with us. We'll also cover some basics to help you better understand the different ways your cat talks to you!  Cat communication is one of the more important things to get a handle on when it comes to having a great relationship with your feline friend, so when you can better understand your cat, it really can make a world of difference when it comes to living peacefully and happily with your...

Cat Confidence: How important is is?

Cat Confidence: How Important Is It?

Not all cats have confidence issues, but if you're seeing some indications that your cat might be a little insecure, like urinating outside the litter box, hiding, or even bullying another resident cat, have a read through our Cat Confidence page for ideas on what might be causing the insecurities and solutions to help your cat find his mojo!   We all want our cats to be confident, happy and well adjusted and confidence in a cat is the key to having this, and avoiding, or correcting, problem behaviors that come along with a non-confident cat...


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