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Cat Behavior

Cat behavior can be confusing and bewildering at times, but those furry little felines do communicate with us... we just need to understand their language and learn how to speak cat! 


Our Cat Behavior page has information and articles to help you better understand your cat, how they communicate, as well as some solution ideas for common problem behaviors cat owners can experience.  The more you're able to understand what your cat is trying to tell you, the easier it is to reach an understanding and to live happily ever after with your furbaby!


5 Strange Cat Behaviors Explained

Do you ever wonder why your cats do some of the things they do?


Cats can be mysterious from a human perspective, but for cats, there's a reason for everything.

Here we take a look at 5 strange cat behaviors and what your cat is trying to say! 


Cat Communication
Understanding Your Cat

Don't we all wish we understood what our cats were saying and how to better communicate with them?  Of course we do!  So we thought we should have a little write up to help all the cat staff & cat lovers out there better communicate and understand those furry felines in their lives! 


The Importance of
Cat Confidence

Not all cats have confidence issues, but for those that do, there are things we can do to help them cope with things a bit better.  In this write up, we go over some tell tale signs that your cat might be insecure, what might be causing the insecurities, and what you can do to help your furbaby!


Coming Up! 

Living Happily With Multiple Cats

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