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Problem Behaviors

 Our Problem Behavior page will have new topics covered each week on common behavioral issues experienced by cat owners who want help. We want you and your cat to have the best life possible together, so if there are behavior issues you'd like us to cover or that you might be dealing with, please email us with the details so we can work on getting up some useful information for you that can hopefully help!

Litterbox Avoidance - Part 1

Feature: Litter Box Avoidance Series, Part 1


Litter Box Avoidance: Causes, From Your Cat's Perspective is the first part in a multi-part series by Beverly Morgan, Cat Behavior Specialist & Consultant.  One of the more serious problems a cat owner can face is that of a cat who stops using his litter box!  It is the main reason cats are surrendered or become homeless, so we felt compelled to cover this issue as a featured topic in our Problem Behaviors section.  Beverly gives us some insight using the "Mother Nature's Blueprint" method she created to help instill a better understanding in us for our cats and to avoid or correct the litter box problems that might come up!

Litterbox Avoidance - Part 2

Feature: Litter Box Avoidance Series, Part 2


Litter Box Avoidance: The Three Common Causes is part 2 of Beverly Morgan's series on litter box problems. Here she discusses three common causes for eliminating outside the litter box and how to better understand the why's when it comes to what your cat might be trying to say.  The use of urine by cats is a way to communicate through the use of pheromones between themselves, other animals, and yes even you!  While we don't understand what they might be trying to tell us, they assume that we do... This is where learning to understand and speak cat will come in handy in helping you solve your litter box problems! 

Litterbox Avoidance - Part 3

Feature: Litter Box Avoidance Series, Part 3


Litter Box Avoidance: Nutritions role & litter box habits is part 3 of Beverly Morgan's series on litter box problems where she covers the role nutrition can play when it comes to your cat and how their diet can affect their litter box usage. Beverly has worked in the pet nutrition industry and has been a veterinary nurse in both America and Europe, counseling her clients on proper nutrition and diet for cats to maintain optimal health and avoid urinary, kidney, and bladder issues.  What she has to say about cat and pet food quality may surprise you, and help you and your cat avoid unnecessary health problems in the future!

Cat Scratching

Cat Scratching & Your Furniture


A couch that used to be great, now with scratched corners and dangling fabric… All those who’ve served or serve a cat are aware of this scenario!  Scratching, however, is a natural and needed behavior for cats.  In fact, most behaviors in cats that we may deem inappropriate, are normal behaviors for a cat.  Cats have no idea that we have designated some things to be appropriate behavior and some things to be inappropriate. They’re just doing what they do… Normal cat things.


Coming Up! 

How to Handle Cat Aggression  |   Correcting Unwanted Behavior

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