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Could your cat be bored??

Boredom in cats is a very real thing and can have some negative consequences if your cat doesn’t have enough stimulation in her life. 


Of course every cat is different, just like we people are, and they deal with and process things in their own unique ways, but if any of the following problems have popped up with your cat recently, or if your cat has always had one or more of the listed issues below, it may be boredom that’s causing your cat to act the way she’s acting...

Some of the following can also be health issues, some even serious issues, so first be sure to contact your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health concerns. If your cat gets a clean bill of health and is not suffering from any health issues, then the cause may very well be linked to boredom! 

  • Overeating, which can cause obesity

  • Change in eating habits or even a lack of appetite

  • A destructive behavior pattern in the home

  • Over grooming, causing hair loss and/or skin irritation

  • Destructive or harmful repetitive behavior

  • Yowling throughout the house at strange hours for no apparent reason

  • Seems to be depressed, is inactive and/or mopey, which can cause health concerns/problems if not rectified

  • Has become aggressive towards other family members, including other family animals or cats

  • Sleeping more than normal

  • Litter box issues

Do remember that there are medical issues, sometimes serious ones, that can present with the above signs, so please make sure you consult your vet first to rule out any health issues!  Past trauma in a cat's life can also be at the root of any physical or behavioral issue, so if you're not sure, you can always contact a cat behaviorist, too.  A cat behaviorist can be an excellent place if you're having troubles that you can't find solutions to!  If medical issues have been ruled out after discussing your cat's issues with your vet, then it’s time to evaluate the situation as potential boredom, and take action to enrich your cats life!

There are so many things that can be done to take care of the boredom your cat may be experiencing, and too many products out there to count, but there are also plenty of things you probably already have at your disposal around the house to help entertain your furry feline!  Even moving things around can help by making the old appear new!  Rearrange your furniture. That cats will love the excitement and things will be different and ripe for exploration!  Find ways to create vertical space for your cat.  If you need some ideas, check out Pinterest or google ‘How to create vertical space in my house for my cat’. You can clear some shelves to be cat spots, or even add a few shelves to the wall or an unused corner. Interactive toys and even food puzzles are great cat entertainment!  Read on to our next write up on Cat Enrichment for more ideas.


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