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Cat Breeds  |  The Kurious Kat

Cat Breeds

There are so many cat breeds throughout the world, and all are unique and special.  On our Cat Breeds page, we have compiled a list of some of the breeds, along with photos.  That way maybe you can find a breed that might resemble your furry feline friend!  The list is not a complete list but we've worked to include as many as we can and will continue to add to our list when we find more breeds!  We've tried to keep them in alphabetical order for you, too!

Recognized Cat Breeds

To learn more about a specific breed of cat listed below, simply click on the cats image to visit comprehensive list of characteristics and attributes for each cat breed.

Cat Colours

You may have noticed that there is no mention of Tabby or Tortoiseshell cats in the listed cat breeds above.  That's because these are not actually a breed of cat, but a pattern. While there may be too many colors and combinations to list on one page, we've included a few here to add to your knowledge base.  We'll be including some interesting facts about each color, marking or pattern soon, so please check back!  


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