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The Kurious Kat Calendar

Check our our e-Calendar below with all your important Cat and Pet Holidays, PLUS our coming 2021 Calendar creation featuring, you guessed it, Your Cat/Cats!  We will create your personalized cat calendar around your cat/cats, and we will also be putting together a calendar that will feature selected cats from our viewers! 


If you'd like your own personalized cat calendar, please use the 'Personalized Cat Calendar' submission form below.  If you'd like a chance to have your cat included in our official 'The Kurious Kat Calendar 2021', send us your kitties best shot by December 1st.  We'll have our staff select the cats for each month (around 3 photos for each month) and then announce the selected cats!  Those we're not able to include on the calendar will have their cat included on a 'Kurious Kats of 2020' page dedicated to all our viewers fabulous felines! 

Cat Holidays for 2020 & 2021

Printed 2021 Kurious Kat Calendar Submission

My Personalized Cat Calendar 2021



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