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The Kurious Kat Product Picks

We're continuously searching the world of cats for the latest and greatest, as well as the tried and true cat enrichment picks to give you ideas on how to make life exciting for your furry feline!  We'll included things you can find at pet supply stores, online, and even some homemade toys you can make from things you may have at home!  While some of the items we have listed on The Kurious Kat may include affiliate links, we don't have anything listed that we wouldn't have at home for our own cats!  We've even tried and tested many with our cats and would never recommend anything we wouldn't purchase for our beloved feline family members! 

We will continue to search for, test, and recommend products for enriching your cat's life so be sure to check in often! Our picks page updated regularly twice a week so if you'd like to be notified of new pick additions, please subscribe to our Enrichment Notifications list!

SmartyKat Scratch Scroll


Our cats Love this little scratching wave! It's durable and great to perch on, too!

Puzzle Cardboard Scratcher


This cute little number is a scratcher and toy w/a compartment w/toy balls inside!

Cat Scratcher/Lounge


The elegant and functional cat scratcher that doubles as a lounge. Cats seem to really enjoy this!

Multi Platform Cat Tower


Rope covered scratching posts for durability and clean lasting fun w/out carpet shedding

Multi Platform Cat Tower

Cozy and functional!  Our cats LOVE this one!! 1 might not be enough!

Tuft & Paw's MiaCara Filo

We love these modern looking toys! Made of natural and durable cork and leather, we feel all the ball lovers out there will get plenty of use and fun with these!

Catit Play/Treat Puzzle


See if this might interest your cat!  A treat game that might capture the interest of your curious cat!

Catit Senses 2.0 Interactive

For fast eaters & to encourage your cat to 'hunt' for food. This food puzzle is sure to be a hit!

Swimming Fish Toy

If your cat is into fishing, this may be the toy you and your cat have been searching for! Give your cat the fun of fish & water!


SureFeed Microchip Feeder


See if this might interest your cat!  A treat game that might capture the interest of your curious cat!


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