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8 Tips for a Better Cat Connection

Having a happy cat

Cats can sometimes seem mysterious upon observing their behavior, but here at the Kuriuos Kat, we help you get to know your kitty better, and bond as parent and pet!

1. Get to know your cat

Observe your cat’s behavior and take note of the things they enjoy! Every cat has a different personality, just like we humans do, so pay attention to how they react to different situations or actions, and what emotions they exude. This way you can establish your home as a haven for all its inhabitants! It's also important to know your cats behavior so that if something changes due to an illness, you'll notice it as something out of the ordinary. Cats are masters at hiding any pain or illness, so being able to notice when things change in their behavior is important in order to determine if there might be something bothering your cat.

2. The Basics

I know we include this in a lot of our write ups, but it truly is THAT important for a happy cat and a happy cat-human relationship!  Ensure that your cat has a clean and comfortable setup for her litter box arrangement. There should always be at least one more litter box than the number of cats in your home. Also, make sure that they have a healthy food routine and clean water that will not get their whiskers wet. Wet food is crucial to a cat’s diet, and should be included in their meals daily. Also, be mindful of shady food brands! Check out premium brands that list real meats and protein like turkey, chicken, or lamb as the top ingredient, and avoid brands that contain grain and cornmeal and meat by-products. Try to stray away from dry food, or if you must feed them kibble, try adding tuna juice, a salt-free chicken broth, or a meal topper to add hydration, and a treat to liven up the dry kibble. Trust me your kitty will thank you!

Check out our article 6 Tips to Keep Your Cat Healthy for more information on kitty health!

Healthy cat food
cat playing

3. Playtime

Stimulation is the key to a healthy and happy kitty! But cats like engagement from their owners during playtime, too!  This is a great way to strengthen the bond you have with your cat and get your cat some much needed exercise at the same time!  Creating new daily games for your cat is a fun way for both of you to connect and have fun! Some kitties bounce off walls for a shoe lace while others turn into Olympians for laser pointers! Whatever gets your cat going and excites him, be sure to include yourself in the game for some bonding time!  Since cats naturally hunted in the hours of dawn and dusk, these are the times of day when they have the most energy. Scheduling playtime in the morning after you wake, or in the evening

before your bedtime can help them get their 'hunt' on and either prepare or wind down for the day! Whichever time of day or whichever type of play you do with your cat, it'll be great for them and for you!

4. Treats

Everyone needs a treat for some dopamine and enjoyment in their lives! The same goes for the lion in your living room! While most human food should not be consumed by cats, a spoonful of plain all-natural yogurt is a nice delight for your kitty! The yogurt provides calcium and good bacteria for your cat's system while hydrating them as well. There are an abundance of health-forward cat treats on the market as well, and treats, given in moderation of course, can be another wonderful way to bond with your cat! Treats can also be great in creating a content kitty!

cat treats
man sleeping with ginger cat

5. Sweet Dreams

The perfect bed is always a treacherous hunt, especially for cat owners dealing with feline-sized beds. It seems cats always use obscure items in the house for lounging and napping, but creating the ultimate kitty comfort zone is a great way to show them, love. Try establishing a comfy spot that gets enough heat exposure like a window in the sun or a bed close to a corner vent. For added comfort, you can also put a blanket in the dryer and wrap them up or create a fresh warm bed for them to nest in! Some cats prefer a cooler environment to get snuggly, so think of leaving a closet door open and placing their beds in there or in dark,

covered areas. Cuddle time is always significant in creating that loving bond that is treasured amongst people and cats, allowing you both to relax and enjoy some happiness!

6. Me Time 

Cats love their solitude, just like we enjoy our ‘me time,’ so it’s important that both cats and humans in the home take some time for themselves. Make sure you and your cat have time and space for some moments apart. Too much time with an animal may cause separation anxiety when you leave, therefore establishing time apart in your day-to-day life is key! Your cat will appreciate some 'down time' for himself, and you can get what you need to get done, too! If you have mulitple cats, your cats will also enjoy and benefit from cat to cat time to do their cat things!

cats time alone
cat eating grass

7. Catnip and Grass

Catnip is a plant from the mint family that stimulates cats sensory neurons in their brain and causes them to have an intoxicating experience. If eaten, the cats experience a more mellowed-out state of mind but only 70-80% of cats have a reaction to this plant. When you do buy catnip or cat grass fo your cat, make sure to buy organic and natural, or you can also grow it in your home or garden! Cat grass is also an enjoyable pop of nature to add, (especially for indoor cats,) that is safe for your cat to chew on!

8. Brushing and Talking to Your Cat

Brushing your cat is not only a way to keep your cat tidy and help with hairballs, it's also a great way to bond with your cat.  The early you start brushing, the better, and while not all cats appreciate being brushed, they can get accustomed to it by starting with gentle short sessions.

Talking to your cat can also be a great way to bond and connect with your cat. While you may not understand all of what your cat is saying and she may not always understand you, she does know your voice, and many cats are attracted to their persons voice and it can have

Happy cat being brushed

a calming affect for your cat in times of stress. So break out that soft cat brush for a brush session and talk to your cat!  You might be surprised how these two things can help create a deeper bond between you and your cat

All of these tips can help you create a special connection and bond between you and your cat and make for a very special relationship. Whatever you choose to do, be sure to make it a positive experience for your cat!

Article Written by Taelyn Livingston


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