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Cat Accessories

Kurious Kat Picks!

+ SureFlap Microchip Feeder,    Our Rating: A

This feeder is amazing!  We love it and so do our cats!  While it is a bit pricey, we think it's worth it!  I decided to purchase two of these because one of my cats was overweight and another has a special diet.  It was easy to program each cat to their feeder and it really didn't take too long to 'train' them to the feeder and how to open it. All feeders and water bowls need to be cleaned and this one is no exception. The only challenge with this feeder is the little crevices that can be difficult to reach and get into, but the convenience and functionality is worth the little bit of extra work.  Our overweight cat has gone from 20lbs to 18lbs and is almost to his vet suggested weight of 16 or 17lbs!  We tried so hard before the feeders but he would get into the other cat's food and just wasn't loosing any weight!  Plus our special diet cat would always have to be monitored, which was a hassle!  After testing the feeder out on our special diet and overweight cat, I loved it so much I bought 2 more for the other cats!  This feeder makes life easier and has really helped our overweight cat!  Highly recommend the SureFlap microchip feeder to anyone looking for convenient feeding options, and for those with cats on special diets only designed for them!  Also perfect for rationing food for overweight cats to help them get to a healthier size!   They also have different colored mats and bowls that you can buy seperately, which can make help you remember who's feeder is who's if you have more than one cat!

Rating Notes 

Convenience:  A+

Easy Setup:  A+    

Style:  A+        

Functionality:  A+

Tech:  A+ 

Affordability:  B-  

Clean-abilty:  C

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