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5 Things to Engage Your Cat

Enriching your cats life

How to enrich your cat's life


Cats are kings and queens of curiosity and adventure, entertaining us with their adorable daily antics. While it may seem that they can be perfectly engaged on their own, it is essential to create an environment where your cat feels fulfilled and enriched. Enrichment is anything that stimulates and entertains the mind body and soul of your kitty! Sometimes it can be difficult to find ways to do this, so The Kurious Kat has got you covered!

   1. Food

Cats originally hunted for their food multiple times a day in smaller (mouse-sized) portions, so you may try feeding them multiple times a day rather than 1-2 larger portions. You may also want to feed them in different spots of the house or use puzzle feeders so that the ‘hunt’ is more stimulating!

   2. The High Ground

Try providing your cat with comfy perches and/or beds that are higher up with a view. Cats like to have this elevated comfort and it also entertains them by giving them a birds-eye view of their territory. Cat trees and simple wall shelves are great ways to achieve this.

   3. Running Water

Cats also love running water, so instead of the plain old water bowl, why not try one of the many fountain waterer's available! Fountains provide the running effect that cats love without the stagnant water just sitting in a bow. This can be very appealing for your feline, and  can help with keeping them hydrated!

kitten play

   4. Playtime

Take 20 minutes out of your day and Spend it playing with your kitty. Doing this once every day can make all the difference in the world to your cat! While finding fun toys that your cat likes are important, try to spend time interacting with your feline friend and involving yourself in the game as well. Teaching your cat tricks and games can be a perfect way to engage an idle mind! (As always, be mindful of the products you buy your fur-baby, make sure they are non-toxic and non-choking hazards) *Check out our Cat Enrichment tab for some of our favorite products!

   5. Switching it up!

We like to switch up our decor, meals, and means of entertainment, so why wouldn't our cats want the same? Reorganizing cat trees, furniture, and cat boxes gives your feline what they see as a new area to play in and explore. It's also important to switch your cats' food every now and then, too, otherwise they may get bored and go on a food strike! Kitties’ tastes are very specific to each individual cat, so think of them as a foodie, always expanding their pallet!

It's so important to keep your cat engaged, not just to keep them out of trouble, but for the mental and physical health!  Be kind to your cats and help them maintain that happy, healthy, vibrant attitude that makes cats so much fun to live with!

Article Written by Taelyn Livingston


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