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Chloe's Rescue Tail

I saw a picture of my soon to be rescue kitten on Twitter back in March of 2019 that said she was only 4 months old and on the euth list because she had ringworm.  At the time, this was a high-kill shelter and the look of her in the tiny cage just made me tear up.  I contacted the shelter, which was not in state, btw, to find out how I could help save this tiny girl or what could be done to get a rescue to her.  Time was of the essence, and I decided I was going to be the one to rescue her!  I arranged with the shelter to transport her to San Antonio and took a flight out the next day from Denver to pick her up in Texas!  She was the sweetest lovey-est little kitten ever and I'm so glad that I found her and was able to bring her home to me!!  When I went to pick her up at the drop off vet location, she was in the back in isolation due to the ringworm.  When I went in and she saw me, she just started meowing like there was no tomorrow in the cutest little tiny meow ever!!  I did have to be careful how I handled her but she was a lovebug from the start! She was a perfect little angel on the harness and leash and sat in my lap at the airport just watching people go by without a care in the world.  I think she knew I had rescued her and that we were going home...

She's now 2 years old and still the sweetest thing!  She never lost her kitten meow either which I think is the absolute best and she's only 10lbs so not a huge girl.  But she is a bit spicy and loves to play hard with her older brother.  She adores him and they get along like they've been together since birth!  I take her for walks in the yard and she loves to play and explore. Her favorite is chasing bugs!  I love my little Chloe and am so glad I was able to rescue her!  If you have the chance to rescue any cats, please do!  You may be there last hope and they'll bring you so much love and joy!!  



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