Adopting a Cat? Here's What You Need To Know...

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Adopting a cat is always exciting!  But before you do, there's a few things to know and consider. First and foremost, decide where you're going to get your cat.  Do some research and find the right place.  There are lots of cats, and other animals for that matter, in desperate need of a forever home via social media, high kill shelters and sanctuaries. Decide what age range you're looking for when adopting your cat, and remember that there are senior cats and special needs

cats that have tons of love to give and are in desperate need of a special forever loving home.

​Now, once you've decided where you're going to start your search and what type of kitty and age range you're looking for, remember that many times, the right cat will choose you, even if the special little ball of fur isn't what you thought you were looking for, so keep your eyes, mind and heart open!   When that perfect cat comes across your path and you've made arrangements to adopt, there are some things to keep in mind and prepare for before bringing your new baby home.  Understand that cats are very sensitive when it comes to their surroundings, so new people, a new place, and the stress of the car ride to their new home can be an awful lot for such a perceptive little fur ball.  There are things you'll need and some things you can do to make the transitions easier on your new addition in order to help them acclimate smoothly into their new life with you!

Start with acquiring the basic essentials and having some of these essentials set up at home before bringing your new baby in.  You'll need a cat waterer, food bowl, cat or kitten food (decide whether you'll feed wet or dry) a size appropriate cat litter box and litter (keep in mind that kittens will need smaller litter boxes (height, length & width) and special kitten litter so as not to harm their delicate kitten paws), cat beds, cat cushions and blankets, along with a few toys, cat scratchers and a size appropriate cat tree or structure for kitty to climb, explore and hide when he might need to.  Having these essentials will help your new cat feel more comfortable when he/she arrives at his new home with you. 

Another thing you may want to consider having at home before kitty's arrival is a few pheromone plugins throughout the house. These can help by relaxing your cat on his/her arrival, and you can also get calming collars at your local pet store or online if you'd like to bring one with you to place on him when you pick him/her up for the ride home.  Anything to help ease your new furbaby's stress will make the transition go much better and help kitty feel more relaxed and confident about the changes.

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