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Chatty's Rescue Tale  |  The Kurious Kat


Chatty Cat's Rescue Tail

We had to make a PetSmart run for dog food and when we walked in there were some kittens up front for adoption.  This was a few years back and they had a local shelter there visiting with kittens for the day.  Of course we had to check them out.  It was a group of 4 kittens that had been rescued and they were currently 3 months old.  They were all adorable but Chatty stood out with her distinct and unique color that we learned later is a rare color in cats called Lavender.  Both kids said we should get her for our other cat at home who they decided needed a friend. I decided they were right.  We went through the adoption process and waited. 


We were approved the following week by Angels with Paws in Lakewood, CO and we were so excited.  Her foster brought her to us and hung out while Chatty got comfortable.  We were going to think of a new name for her but after the first day of having her we knew why she was named Chatty.  She talked non stop!!  So we kept the name.  That was 16 years ago and Chatty is still living up to her name and loving life!  She's always been an inside kitty and while we've tried to bring her out on a leash from time to time, she prefers the princess life inside!   Thank You to Angels with Paws Rescue for allowing us to have the fun loving Chatty Cat to brighten up our lives!

Chatty, we've been told, is a Siamese mix due to her cute little crossed eyes, which is apparently a Siamese trait.  She is also very possessive and decided right after arriving at her forever home with us that I was HER Person and only hers!  I understand that, too, is kind of a Siamese thing.  She does have the long hair so occasionally we do have to trim her up when mats become a problem.  She absolutely hates being brushed and will run and hide if she even sees a brush, but I do try and give her a brush over every week or so.  She is a little doll and has the cutest meow!

We started feeding Chatty a raw diet about 2 years ago and it really helped improve her health.  We tried with our other cat, but she just wasn't having it.  We love Chatty so much and are so glad we went into PetSmart that day to pick up dog food!  If we hadn't, I would never have met my sweet little Chatty Cat!! 

T.L. from Golden, Colorado


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